'Dil samundar', 'Chori Chori' & 'Adaa' [Garam Masala (2005)] -------PRITAM

Lifted off Turkish singer Tarkan's 'Kuzu kuzu' (2001), Dr Zeus/ Balwinder Safri's 'Hai rabba' (2003) and Amr Diab's 'Ana' (1999)
Listen to Dil samandar | Kuzu kuzu
Listen to Chori Chori (Sukhwinder Singh, Hema Sardesai) | Chori Chori (Labh Jajua) | Hai Rabba
Listen to Adaa | Ana

Considering that he had already lifted Turkish superstar Tarkan in Dhoom, this is a dead give-away! The prelude is the same, while the parts with 'dooba dooba...' are again lifted straight off the 'kuzu kuzu' part in the original. But, strangely enough, the main tune which goes, 'dil samandar' does not seem to be a direct lift! But just one listen to the complete samples below (don't stop mid way!!) would easily prove the inspiration!

With regard to the second lift, what's particularly baffling is the second version of the same song in the soundtrack, sung by none other than Labh Jajua, better known as Punjabi MC. Given the fact both Punjabi MC and folks like Dr Zeus/ Balwinder Safri belong to the same UK Bhangra scene, its rather startling that Punjabi MC chose to be part of an uncredited version of this track. Is Labh so poorly clued in to his own music scene that he didn't know the source of this track or did he simply ignore the source blinded by the greens offered by the music label Venus?

The 3rd lift, of that in 'Adaa' seems more like a strong influence 'cos of the sheer number of things that Pritam has added to his version. But the basic thread is from Amr Diab's track.